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Tampa Bay Video Game Development


Dream Nine Studios will be making video games that gamers will become addicted to on many levels and will truly steal the attention of the video game industry with our fresh twists on old ideas and more than a few great new concepts for games. All of our games are made from the full featured editors that we make for them, and the editors are sold with the video games so players can customize their games to levels that we never planned for them to reach. Our games use design concepts like Artificial life to create complete game worlds where the scripting comes from the interactions between the characters and the player and our designers merely balance out those interactions. Imagine cool games that are familiar, yet never play the same way twice if you want it that way. Many of our games are what could be called evolved-retro arcade games, and we make old-school arcade games with modern technology and fresh ideas. We are hardcore gamers who make games for both other gamers and gamers who aspire to make games themselves. Our games can truly become the games that you have dreamed of, and you can truly make them your own through infinite ways of customizing and changing them. Player-turned-designers can even add their own graphics, sound effects, and music! The experience begins with the ones that we craft, and then what you get out of the game is only limited by what you put into it.

Retro Evolved Arcade Games and Video Game Productions

Independent idy films and motion pictures produced by Tampa Bay production company Dream Nine Studios. Graveyard

Originally conceived in 1983 as a scary game by C. A. Passinault, Graveyard was an overhead scrolling game where the player had to survive a haunted graveyeard. Graveyard borrows from its original incarnation, using Windows PC technology to expand upon the graphics and sound. It is an "organic" game using artificial life processes in the game, and has several different ways of being played.
The game is played by a low angle 2D overhead isometric layout and using original samples, music, and sprite based motion captured graphics for a fluid, but old school, look.
Graveyard is simply about surviving an incursion into a graveyard. Depending upon the game scenario, you could either go in alone or with a group of friends with a ton of different stories and characters. Motivation is the key here, and there are no good or bad characters, just differences in motivation that may conflict with the health of the player character or supporting characters. The player character even has a personality which is affected by the actions of the player and the environment that they are in. There is a library of preset scenarios shipped with the game, but the heart of the game is based around an array of variables and a level scenario growth engine that can make each game different down to the map layout and landmarks. If the player stumbles upon a scenario that they like, they have the option to bookmark it for later play and can even modify it to make it their own.
The game will include hundreds of NPC types with different motivations, including zombies, werewolves, and vampires. The “monster” types have the ability to cross with each other for organic hybrids. Weather and environmental factors are realistic, too, with everything from pouring rain to fog.
Graveyard is created by a game editor made for the game and then used by our creative team to create the final product. Like most of our games, the full game is shipped with the complete level editor so the player can go under the hood and customize the game as much as they want to. We’ll even buy the best player-developed level scenarios back from them and will include them in future versions of the game.

Independent idy films and motion pictures produced by Tampa Bay production company Dream Nine Studios. Spy Plane

Inspired by the arcade game Time Pilot. From the design document: Primary control is eight way joypad. Turn left and right. Up is accelerate and down is decelerate. Diagonals are combinations.
There are two screens- an action screen (tactical) and a map screen (strategic). Map screen has long range radar to identify incoming contacts, geographic features, way points, satellite located defenses, and enemy radar.
Five indicators on action screen are high score, score, speed, health, and number of planes in reserve.
Levels would be altitude based and would introduce new enemies. Levels would be completed when all way points are reached or destroyed.
There would be a scoring system based on close calls and time in air between destruction by default. There is no limit to scoring.

The purpose of the game is to fly over a randomly generated play field and evade attackers while making your way to way points for photo or electronic reconnaissance. You do not have any weapons, just the ability to maneuver and regulate speed.
Game is played with eight way joypad and no buttons, like a free-form pac man game.
No game will play twice because level maps and layout would be generated by player supplied random numbers that are used to generate a world using the same math subroutine that was used to make the universe in the game Elite. Player supplied random numbers would also be used in-game to select random tactics of enemy forces and drive artificial intelligence. There would be no patterns, only strategy and skill supplied by the player.
Speed is important in more than one way. It effects turning radius, time to target, relative speed differential between the player plane and enemies, and more. There will be different planes available. Some, like the F-15 recon variant, would be medium speed low altitude. There will be a low speed medium altitude U2/TR-1 plane. There will even be a high speed high altitude SR-71/ Aurora plane. Each plane will have a stall speed where the player control gets sluggish until they lose control and start to crash. There will be a top speed for each plane, too, and if the planes are pushed beyond their limit they will start to take damage. The damage meter is used to gauge grazing shots such as bullets and AAA on low altitude levels.
Way points would have speed zones. Way points in red would indicate that the player is going too fast and they will get a reduced score because the plane is going too fast to get a good look. The way point will be green at the optimal speed, with maximum score. The way point will shift from red to green depending on the speed. Photo way points have to be slow, and the player will have to go straight for combo points (maneuvering through a way point will eliminate any combo bonus). Electronic recon way points score differently. The faster the player goes, the higher the score, since the plane does not have to go slow to get a look AND these way points are more protected, making high speed runs more dangerous due to enemy activity.
Relative speed between the player and enemy targets can become overwhelming and exceed their ability to react. They will have to use the strategic screen to plan ahead and fine tune their approach vectors in order to fly as fast as possible. Scoring is enhanced the faster the player is flying, the more enemies on the action screen, and the closer the enemies come to the player. Close calls and near misses lead to bonus points.
There will be an optimal plane and speed range for different altitude ranges. The player chooses from available planes at the start of each level. Planes are unlocked through secret way points on the map and score bonuses.
Plane damage by speed will effect control first, leading to a reduction of deceleration and less responsive controls. Plane damage by enemy fire will effect engines first, leading to a reduction of acceleration and smoke contrails that increase player visibility to enemy forces. Both variables, used by the game and not seen by the player, can combine.
More visible players will see more enemy activity on the strategic screen and tactical action.
Incoming missiles can come into the action screen faster than the player can react if the relative speed is too great. The player can track incoming missiles using the strategic screen and setting up their position on the action screen to avoid them. If they don't, they explode in a blink as the missile flashes into them. Missile turning radius is limited, but advanced missiles can turn around and come at them again from the rear.

Each enemy has a radar factor. The higher the factor, the farther they can be seen on the strategic radar. Stealth enemies give a one to two second warning at the most.
Each player plane has a radar factor assigned to it by plane type. Damage increases the radar factor (take damage and the game will get harder!)

Beside the random "arcade level" mode, there will be a mission based mode created by us and a level editor that can be used by the player to make custom games. That level editor is the same that is used by us to make the mission mode.

Independent idy films and motion pictures produced by Tampa Bay production company Dream Nine Studios. Red Land

An Ikari Warriors/ Contra-type arcade game with RPG and adventure depths, Red Land uses artificial life and organic design to make a game experience that is never the same thing twice unless you want it to be. This is a tactical war game where you can play with co-op with friends, against opponents, and even mix it up if you wish. The game includes environments that can be destroyed, variable ecosystems that can be effected by weapons, and an array of weapons that can be mixed, combined, and customized for un predictable and unique effects. This game is the first game of its type to feature torture, graphic and realistic death, and things that are not planned but can be done if the player wants to.

Independent idy films and motion pictures produced by Tampa Bay production company Dream Nine Studios. Genetic Garden

An artificial life game where players (growers) design and lay out an area and stock it with all sorts of life to create an ecosystem and a food chain. You create new strains of plants and animals, balance out eco systems, interact with your creations, and watch them interact for experiences that keep you guessing and every game a new experience. You can get great joy from giving and taking life, and can even experiment in-between by experimenting with and even tormenting your subjects to find out their limits. Sadistic players may even take delight in unbalancing the game to see what the results are. Like most of our games, AI scripting comes from inherent behaviors from the interaction of the individual components and is not directly scripted (so much for Pac Man player patterns!). We expect to see a viral community emerge from this that is beyond even our imagination.

Independent idy films and motion pictures produced by Tampa Bay production company Dream Nine Studios. Firepower DLX

A massive shooter in the vein of Asteroids and Galaga, Firepower DLX is a game where upgrading and unleashing firepower power-ups on an intelligent alien fleet is the main objective. Power-ups and items can be combined in thousands of combinations for types and intensity of firepower that are beyond the design of the game for interesting results and game play effects.


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Dream Nine Studios is a motion picture production company, a video game developer, and a music label based out of Tampa Bay, Florida. It is a Passinault.Com company and a part of the Passinault Entertainment Group.

Dream Nine Studios was formed under the Passinault Entertainment Group in 1999. For the past eleven years, we have been developing infrastructure while the service companies of the Passinault Entertainment Group and Passinault Industries LLC have been working on expanding business. We have also been patiently waiting for technology to catch up with many of our ideas and concepts, which were way ahead of their time, so that we can finally proceed with them in a cost-effective manner. We are currently scheduled to begin operations sometime in 2010, eleven years after initial formation. Our company, which began live as an independent film production company, has evolved to become a indie film production, video game development, and music label company. All of our production lines are designed to assist others, which is one reason that it took us this long to get started, and this will give us an advantage in our production efforts. We will become the dominant entertainment media production company in the Tampa Bay and Florida markets, and as future leaders of the professional production communities in Tampa Bay we will be the catalyst and the innovators which will put local productions on the map and make the rest of the entertainment industry take notice. Our efforts will lead to the recognition and respect that media productions will earn and deserve as powerful forms of art, and professionals who ally themselves with us will benefit greatly. Dream Nine Studios is the primary sponsor of Tampa indie film resource Tampa Bay Film, which currently operates the best online film festival in the Tampa Bay and the Florida markets. We will soon heavily push the next generation of film festival events with the assistance of our sister and event production company Eventi Events and Stage Tampa Bay.

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